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2in1 Waterproof Connector Product Classification

Release Time:2019-06-30 17:01

The use and characteristics of 2in1 products are roughly divided into M8 series, M15 series, circular assembly series, PG series, rapid plug series, T-shaped three-way series, Y-shaped series, junction box series and so on.

1.M series is in small size but with strong resistance, and they are suitable for mechanical equipment, mechanical panels, robots and other fields.

2.M15 street light series is a product that complies with M15 international standard and is suitable for almost all lighting industries, such as LED, solar street light, PG light, flood light, wall washer, mining lamp, underground light, three anti-light, etc.

3. The round assembly series has many types of products, covering almost all connection and assembly ways.

4. PG series is a lock-threaded waterproof connector, which is quick and easy to assemble.

5. The rapid plug series mainly contain auto-locking type, bayonet type and lock-threaded type.

6. T-shaped 3 way is widely used in LED light strips, light strips, tunnel lights, landscape lighting projects, etc.

7.Y-shaped has 1 to 1 , 1 to 6 kinds of specifications, which can be customized according to the user’s requirement, like two pins, three pins, four pins, five pins waterproof connector.

8. Waterproof junction box has the characteristics of waterproof, pressure and weak resistance, which has excellent sealing performance after being sealed. It is also effective waterproof, moisture proof, dust proof and anti-corrosion.

The above products can be customized according to the user requirements.