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What is the difference among IP65, IP67, IP68 waterproof rating?

Release Time:2019-06-30 17:01

The IP in the waterproof rating is the abbreviation of Ingress Protection, which is to evaluate the protection level of the electrical equipment casing against foreign matter intrusion. It is not only the connector, but also the lighting level of the lamps, mobile phones and electrical appliances.

Among the two digits following IPXX, the first one represents contact protection and foreign object protection level, the number is from 0 to 6; the second one represents waterproof rating, the number is from 0 to 8. So IP68 is the highest waterproof and dust proof for electrical equipment casing grade.

The first X indicates the dust proof level, and different numbers represent different dust levels as follows:

0: No protection

1: Prevent large solid entering

2: Prevent medium-sized solid from entering

3: Prevent small solid from entering 

4: Prevent solid objects larger than 1mm from entering

5: Prevent harmful dust accumulation

6: Completely prevent dust from entering

The second X indicates the waterproof rating (the higher the value, the better the waterproof performance:

0: No protection

1: Drops of water dripping into the casing has no effect

2: When the outer casing is tilted to 15 degrees, the drops of water into the outer casing has no effect.

3: Water or rain has no effect from the 60 degree corner to the outer casing

4: Liquid splashed from any direction to the shell has no damage

5: Rinse with water without any damage

6: Can be used in the cabin environment

7: Resistant to water (1minute) in a short time

8: Soaking water for a long time under a certain pressure

IP65 means that it can completely prevent dust from entering and can be immersed briefly with water.

IP67 means that it can completely prevent dust from entering, and it can be immersed in water for a short time under a certain pressure.

IP68 means that it can completely prevent dust from entering, and can be immersed in water under a certain pressure for a long time.